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Beauty Trends Watch 2019 – About, Fenty Beauty Effect, Beauty Hashtags, And More

Beauty Trends Watch 2019 – About, Fenty Beauty Effect, Beauty Hashtags, And More


Beauty Trends Watch 2019 – Beauty trends have always accompanied revolutions. From the long hair of hippies in the 1970s to the punk rock make-up of the early 1980s, looks reflect social change. And the past ten years have remained no exemption.

The Fenty Beauty Effect

Makeup shades have expands dramatically over the past decade – a positive development credited to Fenty. Launched in 2017 with 40 shades of foundation (50 today), the brand has set the bar high for its competitors.

“In the beauty industry, the foundation is one of those branches where there is a huge void for women whose skin color is at the ends of the spectrum,” . Explains at the launch. From Fenty. ” In the middle, the shades are largely cover. But you have little choice if your skin is very light or dark. So I wanted to ensure that all skin colors were represents and that all women were including  in my products.”

Beauty Hashtags Set The Tone

Beauty Hashtags Set The Tone

The most significant phenomenon of the 2010-2019 period? Beauty vloggers on YouTube. We think in particular of the YouTuber . Who launch her line of cosmetics. However, the one of the first men in the industry, who works with Cosmetics, or even, who adopts the positive body approach, and who uses her channel to defend the rights of trans people.

Whenever, big names such as Huda Beauty, and Milk Makeup emerged from social media as a reaction to prolific influencers. But, exit market studies, today, the trend is “social listening.” ” Beauty is no longer limit to brick-and-mortar stores and the traditional beauty counter,” Whenever, Confirms beauty sector manager at WGSN. That Instagram and TikTok have completely change the game.”

Focus On Sustainability

“Current consumers of skincare products are very attentive to environmental issues and demand transparency and accurate and reliable information,” says in response to this demand, the global natural and organic cosmetics industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade its value was estimated at $11.5 billion in 2018 and is expects to reach $23.6 billion by the end of 2025.

“I think breaking down barriers is about offering customers a different solution to an existing problem,” says the founder of green cosmetics brand Tata Harper. ” For us, it’s about creating powerful and effective skincare products without toxic or artificial ingredients. ” recyclable glass. HoweverThe beauty industry’s current quest for progress in harmony with environmental goals will no doubt also revolutionize the next decade.

The End Of Anti-Aging

And it was 72-year-old Helen Mirren who heralded the end of that era on the cover of Allure for the September 2017 issue, captioned: ” The end of anti-aging, our call for industry.” The magazine has pledged to stop using the term, and the rest of the industry has followed suit, opting for age-friendly language – and including women of all ages in cosmetics campaigns without retouching.

Sheet Mask Craze

Was the trend started by Demi Moore in 2011, when she posted a photo of herself with a cloth mask on Instagram? Or by the selfies of K-Beauty fans who take advantage of a plane trip to put on an act?

Anyway, the sheet mask is now an essential beauty tip. “These masks are perfect for selfies and are now offered by almost all cosmetic brands,” says Clare Varga. ” If creams were the trend among boomers, masks are the signature of Millennials and Gen Z, and they seem to be endlessly available, with various materials and ingredients, in scientific or playful versions… There are even masks for the body, targeting the buttocks, the chest, and the belly of pregnancy.

 “Skinvestment “

If you’re into skincare products, you know about retinol, vitamin C, and the difference between glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. Yet, you’re not afraid to put your hand in your pocket to get your skin glowing and flawless. You are what is called an “investor.”

“Skinverstors place more importance on skincare than cosmetics and allocate more time and money to it. They also tend to favor brands based on scientific research, Medik8, which contain premium ingredients,” says Clare Varga of WGSN.

XXL Eyebrows

British model Cara Delevingne became the icon of thick eyebrows when she walked the Burberry catwalk on the eve of the brand’s make-up launch in 2010. A trend that seems here to stay.

From semi-permanent microblading to elaborate palettes for shaping fuller, bolder, and more masculine brows – like Glossier’s cult classic Boy Brow – brows have entirely changed the aesthetics of beauty.

Celebrity Cosmetics

The past period has been littered with the launch of celebrity-designed cosmetic lines. These include who launched her organic. The Honest Company line in 2012 (estimated at $1 billion in 2015 and has since fallen slightly) and who turned her iconic contouring into an empire with Cosmetics in 2015 (estimated today at 900 million dollars by Forbes), who created Haus Laboratories in September 2019, a line of 100% vegan products, perfectly in tune with the times.


Appreciate some of them as the change was continuous. It was not easy to follow. And it may have caused some weariness on the part of consumers in the face of this uninterrupted flow of new products. However, the beauty industry thrives on recent trends with brands appearing on the market daily, incessant launches, and relayed non-stop on social networks.

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