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Fitness Routine After Giving Birth: Care Of Your Diet, Tips, And More

Fitness Routine After Giving Birth: Care Of Your Diet, Tips, And More

How  To Care Fitness After Childbirth?

Fitness Routine After Giving Birth  – After giving birth, the body of a young mother changes. The important thing is to reshape in which you feel good. And to recover the energy that allows you to live this new stage to the best of your ability. So immediately after childbirth, we say to ourselves that we will quickly regain our “before” silhouette. But the body has its details which must be taken into account.

You took nine months to make your child. Count as many months for everything to go completely back to normal. Even when you rapidly lose pounds during pregnancy, you feel heavy and uncomfortable in your skin for several weeks because of the impregnation of hormones. These impregnations, which have repercussions on the entire creature, remain during the breastfeeding period. The best solution: wait! Thus, there is no question of returning to sport before the return of diapers, perineal rehabilitation, and abdominal rehabilitation. As for the silhouette, it is better to worry about it until the end of breastfeeding. And in any case, do nothing for six months.

How To TakeCare For Your Diet After Childbirth?

How To TakeCare For Your Diet After Childbirth_

Fitness Routine After Giving Birth – We all know that a light food program involves consuming fewer fats and fast sugars, so all foods that contain them for the benefit of those who provide protein and vitamins. More than losing weight, the idea is to feel better about your body and regain your energy.

Preparation and cooking, play the card of lightness. I prefer cooking in foil and steam. Banish sauces and fried foods. Do not use oil, butter, or cream to your food. To give flavor to your dishes, limit the salt, but think of the spices. At this stage, avoid ready-made meals, and prefer the most natural products possible. Replace industrial pastries with homemade fruit-based desserts. In anticipation of likely cravings, fill your refrigerator with crunchy vegetables (radish, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.), which calm the feeling of hunger. To consume without moderation. A large glass of water is also an excellent natural appetite suppressant.

Limit your consumption of alcohol and wine. You stopped drinking it during pregnancy; the same vigilance is required throughout breastfeeding. Then, you can treat yourself to a drink, sometimes, as an aperitif, and instead a glass of champagne rather than a whiskey. But do not exceed one glass of good wine at the table daily.

Tips For Fitness After Birth

Fitness Routine After Giving Birth – Here are some modest tips to guide you in this hunt for excess pounds, avoiding deficiencies, frequent after pregnancy. But if you feel the need, do not hesitate to consult a dietician or a nutritionist to establish a personalized program.

Re-Educate The Muscles First

Many muscles had to work very hard during pregnancy and childbirth, especially the abdominals and the powers of the pelvic floor. Therefore, it is recommended to do strengthening exercises that specifically target these muscle groups from the first weeks after delivery.

Attention, there is no question of embarking on circuit training with many repetitions! Instead, we are talking about doing a few targeted exercises adapted to your specific needs. To guide you in this step, do not hesitate to consult a physiotherapist who specializes in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation and can teach you the correct exercises to do. Pilates and yoga are two activities that also gently strengthen muscles.

Get Into Cardio Gently

From the first weeks after childbirth, you can integrate a few minutes of walking into your daily routine, respecting your limits. Thus, waiting at least three months after childbirth is compulsory before engaging in an impactful activity, like jogging or tennis. Nevertheless, your level of physical movement before giving birth should start at a trainee level and progressively increase as per your abilities. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself.

Be Forgiving And Avoid Blaming Yourself

Becoming a mother is a demanding job. Physical activity is essential, but it should not become a source of additional stress. Be kind to yourself: you have the right to skip a session because you are too tired.

If you need a group to motivate you to move, several centers offer parent-child activities that allow you to exercise with the baby (e.g., cardio stroller). Make sure that the classes are adapted to the needs of new mothers, in particular by offering a gradual progression in the intensity of the exercises.

If you prefer having a babysitter to participate in physical activity between adults only, do not feel guilty! You have the right to think about yourself for a little while a few times a week!

How Long To Lose Your Pregnancy Belly?

Uterine involution (uterus returning to its initial place and volume) occurs gradually over 5 to 10 days. It is favored by postpartum contractions (the trenches). The lochia also participates in the reduction of uterine volume. These blood losses last between 2 and 4 weeks. Afterward, there are still your abdominals that have suffered, resulting in a less toned stomach. This is because the abdominals have become distended during pregnancy and no longer play their usual sheath role. You can undertake abdominal re-education after the end of the perineal re-education. This rehabilitation technique teaches how to work the transverse muscle, which curves the silhouette. As a result, you have a flat stomach.

Are Stretch Marks Impossible To Treat?

Stretch marks are lesions of the fibers of the skin’s connective tissue that appear under the effect of an increase in the hormonal secretion of the adrenal glands and are aggravated by the enlargement of the skin. To reduce stretch marks, do local treatments: misting water, massage with Jonctum cream or arnica gel, or shea butter. After weaning, if you are breastfeeding, you can try more sophisticated. If these treatments do not bring any improvement after a few weeks, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Your doctor may prescribe acidic vitamin A cream or suggest laser treatment.


Nutritionists say and repeat it: diets must be avoided to lose weight permanently. However, if your weight is depressing, you can boost your weight loss with a high-protein diet. It is the most effective—drink enough, one and a half to two liters a day. Also, drink plenty of water, unsweetened herbal teas, and one or two soft drinks. Water promotes the elimination of toxins and cleans the cells.

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