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Wow Skin Science – About, Important Of Wow, Key Ingredients, And More

Wow Skin Science – About, Important Of Wow, Key Ingredients, And More


Wow Skin Science – Your Good Skin TM is co-created by thousands of women and top dermatologists to develop skincare products that offer 24-hour hydration and non-pore blocking and are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Your Good Skin TM is designed to be an affordable brand that provides products enriched with our unique Antioxidant Complex, plus ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea, and bisabolol, to help restore and maintain skin’s average balance for healthy-looking skin.

Critical Of Wow Skin Science

Critical Of Wow Skin Science

Substantial WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Brightening Foaming Facial Cleanser with Built-in Facial Brush – 100ml

Deep Cleanser, Skin Smoother, And Radiant Facial Cleanser

Breathe new life into dull, lackluster skin with WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash with Built-in Face Brush.

It is a skin-refreshing facial cleaner that helps refresh pale skin by softly removing dead skin sheets and controlling excess oil. The facial cleanser comes with a fixed facial brush with soft silicone bristles. Thus, which helps cleanse your face and clear pores deeply and much more like;

  • Refreshes dull, tired skin.
  • Its tangy and lemony fragrance revives your senses.
  • It helps fade age spots and even out uneven skin tone.
  • Balances excessive sebum production.
  • It helps to cleanse the skin and purify pores deeply.
  • The bottle comes with a built-in facial brush for gentle exfoliation.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamine C Active: An excessive antioxidant that deactivates free radicals, leading to skin damage.
  • Lemon & Orange Essential Oils: It is ironic in vitamin C, fatty acids, and minerals; they purify the skin and reduce excess sebum.
  • Blackberry: And this is high in antioxidants and minerals, it nourishes the skin and saved it from environmental pollutants. It helps reduce signs of the elderly and boost radiance.
  • Licorice: Contains the Glabridin enzyme, which helps fight UV rays and prevent excess melanin production, so your skin looks bright and even helps reduce scars and dark spots.

Why Would You Love This Face Cleanser?

It helps remove dead skin layers and refine pores

The soft and supple bristles of the facial brush promote deep skin cleansing. It helps clear pores and soften skin. Helps to even skin tone and brighten skin tone. The cleanser contains powerful antioxidants and melanin blockers that control excess melanin and boost skin radiance. Helps prepare the skin for better hydration. This foaming facial cleanser with a built-in brush helps remove dirt and pollutants from the skin, allowing the skin better absorb beneficial actives from moisturizers.

What is the WoW Effect?

What is the WoW Effect_

The ”WoW” effect combines science and art combined with years of experience in advanced facial injection techniques offered by our professionals at the Institut MédicoDerme.

Restore an air of freshness to your face.

The “WoW” effect consists of re-balancing lost volumes (dark circles, temples, cheeks, oval of the face) and reducing certain features (wrinkles, folds) marked by the effects of time.

Wow Effect Treatments Offer


Fillers are “personalized injection” treatments offered to men and women who wish to improve specific areas of the face and body.

Know The Skin Or Understanding The Skin

For Dermatological Laboratories, understanding the skin is the basis of all projects and all research. Each skin type is different and exposed to varying factors.  analysis is thus based on understanding the functioning, changes, and reactions of the skin to develop effective and highly specialized dermo-cosmetic products. This explains the scientific involvement of Dermatological Laboratories. Consult with your dermatologist or pharmacy if you are concerned about your symptoms.

Knowledge Of How The Skin Works As The Basis For Innovation

All its passion and expertise to the skin. Pioneering innovations, high quality, and excellent skin tolerance are fundamental notions of the brand and justify the quality of its products worldwide. It provides state-of-the-art solutions that meet all of the skin’s needs. Research and development play a significant role here. vision of research, development, and testing is only a visible part of its holistic philosophy regarding skin science.

An Expert Knowledge Of The Skin

All dermo-cosmetic skincare products are based on in-depth knowledge of human skin physiology. Understanding how the skin works and how it reacts to the factors it is exposed allows the development of high-performance dermo-cosmetic products adapted to its different needs, however specific they may be. Beauty of the face will Finding the right ingredients for its products to protect and preserve its skin is the basis of the constant research of  Dermatological Laboratories.

Researchers pay particular attention to the epidermis: the visible layer of the skin, which is about 0.1mm thick. This delicate layer is in perpetual renewal and is subject to many changes. Different skin types exist; skin can be expected, dry, oily, or in combination. External (diet, climate, use of unsuitable skin care, cleansing agents, harsh solvents, or certain perfumes) and internal (hormones, emotional state, diseases) factors affect the skin and can lead to skin problems. This makes each skin different and unique, each with its own story. Whatever the age, genetic background, or specific skin problem, the research seeks to provide a suitable solution.


The skin processes, considering the skin as a whole but also at the cellular level. They are developing effective active ingredients, drawing inspiration in particular from those already found in the skin. In particular, this stimulates the skin’s natural processes so that it remains beautiful and healthy.

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