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Abc Fashion – What is it? Dress Styles, Important of Fashion, And More

Abc Fashion – What is it? Dress Styles, Important of Fashion, And More

What Is Abc Fashion?

Abc Fashion  – Fashion is the worth, image, or style that regularly gives the idea in a model or group. The fashion industry is enthusiastic about creating and selling clothing that will become a situation in the summer next to its launch, such as winter fashion. In this context, fashion is synonymous with style or tendency.

Fashion clothing refers to the grace that will sell the most in stores and be seen more often on the streets. The strategies are defining  by fashion magazines and recognize fashion firms. In a broader logic, fashion is use to explain an aesthetic typology such as vintage fashion, inspire by garments create before the ’50s or hipster fashion. This style mixture the old with the new.

Dress styles

The style of a person is base on the external aesthetic appearance that is perceives through the senses. It is define by all the elements of the external image, such as makeup, hairstyle, clothing and accessories. Style is not neutral since it is the image we want to give ourselves and our lifestyle. It is a form of expression and of showing one’s identity. The style is, little by little, connects  to the individual’s self-knowledge.

The customization of an outfit is form by mixing fabrics, colors, lines, and accessories; These are very important as they enhance a look and help create your own style. Basic dress styles emerge that have specific characteristics of their own. They are natural, casual, romantic, classic, glamorous, dramatic, and creative. The natural or simple style is comfortable, with soft lines and little makeup. The romantic style is base on feminine clothes, soft lines and the lips stand out.

Important of Fashion

In its broadest meaning, fashion is a way, use, or custom on the rise for a particular time in a place such as a country . Meanwhile, marketing, which, although it does not yet have a degree of scientificity, undoubtedly moves crowds, goes a little further and already treats it as what it is a social phenomenon and therefore maintains that fashion that it is precisely an eternal, universal, concrete and constantly changing phenomenon. Which implies an imitation and arouses the interest of a significant number of people, demonstrating that fashion, to be fashion, must interest and follow a good number of subjects and not just to one.

Some maintain that fashion is a choice that is made base on one’s taste, whereas, in this case, I would like to raise the first objection. Since without a doubt there are fashions, for example, in the case of clothing, really horrible and that may not suit a particular person and what is even worse, may not even satisfy their taste. However, they use it for a matter that has become fashionable, and here the worst comes, what can happen, that if you don’t, you may end up isolate or discriminates against by one or your group. This situation is much more common among the youngest adolescents, who are very attentive and aware of the things that are use and those that are not.

Sometimes it is unfortunate to see an adult, for example, who in the name of fashion fixes himself with accessories or dresses in clothes that are not following his age and ends up making a fool of himself. I think this is the worst side of fashion.

The Abc Of The Future Of Fashion

The Abc Of The Future Of Fashion

We share an emotional journey through the key concepts that will help you interpret this new reality, where The Future is a Palace. Taking advantage of the new communication campaign of  we list the style references, inspirations, and desires with a view to tomorrow. A visionary selection that brings together new definitions and innovative trends:

A Is For Timeless

Given the proliferation of collections, between those that traditionally corresponds to a season, those that function as a transition, and those of limit edition, the future lies in dressing what you want today.

B  Bazaar

Since its foundation, Harper’s Bazaar has become the meeting point for avant-garde arts, the most daring culture, and the most creative fashion, all with a segment of expert readers eager to learn about new style guidelines.

C Clean

The “clean” list sets the trend in the beauty industry and that groups together products formulates without controversial ingredients in skin care and the balance of the planet.

D for Diversity

With the presence of national and international firms such as Raquel Orozco, Alexia Ulibarri, Purificación García, Pro Novias, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci, among others, the campaign is a clear example of how the world is better connects and coordinates.

And Experience

Whether in person or online, at  you will notice that the moment of purchase is accompanies by an offer of incredible and unique experiences, all within a safe and reliable environment.

F For Futurist

From the creative exercise of firms such as Louis Vuitton, under the talent of Nicolas Ghesquière, or Paco Rabbane, collections with an avant-garde line predominate in the Autumn-Winter season.

M For Minimalism

It is a current that invites us to focus on what matters, clearing and eliminating everything that overwhelms us. In other words, shop in style and avoid excesses.

The Of Organic

Although it has become popular in the food industry, this concept is also very relevant in fashion, beauty, and design. By consuming raw materials grown and processed without chemical pesticides or insecticides, you help the planet.


The classic look is determined by designer clothes, clean lines and understates makeup. The dramatic look is shown with bold clothes, dark colors, and intensely colored eyes and lips. Finally, the creative style is base on mixing original garments and using dyes and prints. Dress styles do not go out of fashion but pick up new nuances of the seasons. A person does not usually express himself with a single class but usually mixes some. In addition, the styles that are chosen are closely relates to the individual’s way of life. New styles emerge from the basic techniques, such as the bohemian look, disco, military, or punk.

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