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Factors Affect Happiness Life – Key Elements, Concept, And More

Factors Affect Happiness Life – Key Elements, Concept, And More

Factors Affect Happiness Life -There are  many factors as in our daily activites. Although they are two questions that Humanity has always asked itself, All over the world have begun to analyze them more severely and organized way. One of the subjects with the record for the most students in the university’s history is Positive Psychology taught, now creator of the Academy of Studies for Happiness.

Critical Elements In The Perception Of Happiness:

  1. Spiritual wellness,
  2. Physical well-being,
  3. Intellectual wellness,
  4. Relational wellness and
  5. Emotional well-being

Directly seeking happiness makes us unhappier. “If you see the sunlight instantly, your eyes will hurt, but if you see it reflected

What Are The concept of happiness?

What Are The concept of happiness_

The concept of happiness is made up of several factors. On some of them, we can influence. With others, there is no choice but to accept them with the best possible attitude. It explains happiness as a sum of factors. As such, we can increase it by increasing some of those factors. But the truth is that we cannot influence all of them similarly.

The Mind And The Moment: Happiness is a way of understanding and living life. Therefore, a part of our happiness is in mind and in the attitude with which we unfold on a day-to-day basis. It is related to our way of thinking and our personality. It is in how we can enjoy every moment. The data supports this idea. For example, we feel happier when we can appreciate the moments when we want a task so much that we feel flowing.

The Circumstances And The Society:  It refers to how the set of circumstances that we have to live in and that we do not always have the freedom to choose affects our degree of well-being, from the fact of living as a couple, which makes us happier to our age. The data indicate that from 50, we enter an ascending curve of greater happiness. Something good to add to the fact of birthday. Because, as you can imagine, there is not the same perception of well-being in all societies. The greater freedom and security, the higher satisfaction with life, and the more excellent perception of well-being and happiness.

Influence Your Level Of Happiness

Our relationship with happiness changes throughout life. When we are little, our level of happiness will probably depend on our relationship with our friends. Factors Affect Happiness Life  on the other hand, when we grow up, it begins to be more subject to our aspirations.

Our responsibilities change. They increase, which will increase the probability of feeling frustrated, stressed, and anxious when our work or remuneration is not to our liking. But, this is a general vision since, for some people, the level of happiness will depend on other situations.

Your Way Of Being

Surely you were thinking about external features that can influence you, but the most thoughtful and less obvious ones happen within you. Your boldness towards life and how you deal with difficulties can control your level of happiness. For example, imagine that you are a person who always blames others for your problems. In the end, you will believe that the world is against you, and this will not exactly make you very happy. Therefore, you must acquire the habit of being responsible for the acts you do.

The Place Where You Live

Trust it or not, the residence where you live has an essential effect on your mood. The perfect place, the one that will make you happy, is the one that completes your expectations and spreads positive atmospheres and emotions.

The big problem is that sometimes we can’t live where we need. For example, imagine that you have spent your childhood in a place near the sea, but for various reasons, you have had to move to another where the sea is very far away.

Why Important To  Teaching Of Happiness

Happiness is Very Important to our Health, and It Gives us a perfect look and a pleasing smiling face And Glowing Skin, And Many More Advantages. Factors Affect Happiness Life, the study of happiness is a topic that the took up with the creation, some years ago, of the Institute of Sciences of Happiness, in which is the leader of the advisory council. Because of this approach, It  has been called “the first positive university in the world” by the pioneer of positive psychology “Human beings can aspire to be a better person and have the opportunity to cultivate their best version, just as a diamond is valuable for its strength and the way it was polished.


It is essential to make people strengthen their Health, providing affordable tools to reinforce and promote all those biological mechanisms that improve Health and train our mental capacity for happiness and satisfaction with life itself. We are happier if we can be grateful for what we have and perceive that our needs are satisfied.

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