Fitness  Workout Supplement  – It is essential to understand that the consumption of supplements must be complementary to foods that we cannot cover through food. Proteins, fats, vitamins, and many other nutrients are essential. The total variety of food everyone’s body requires is very different from one another. Thus, several variables influence this, like sex, energy expenditure, physical activity, diet, sports goals, etc.

When taking a sports supplement, knowing what you are taking is essential. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand your goals and which of all these foods will enhance your sports performance. Here we will show you all the essential supplements, depending on your training stage. In the world of sports, the intake of food supplements is prevalent, which cover the energy needs of the athlete, in combination with food from day to day.

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements_

If you are wondering how do we differentiate them from other products on the market? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Before presenting you with a comparison that lists the ranking of pre-workout supplements and pre-workouts, you should focus on the presentation. They frequently come in a powder form that you add to a bottle of water. And while there is no actual definition of what defines these types of products, just about every nutrition brand on the planet has its consequences, often a variety of them. The benefits associated with pre-workouts are motivation, mental focus, and energy boost, critical points in sports, especially in weightlifting, be it bodybuilding, fitness, cross, or any strength activity, where more and better are required.

Best Post-Workout Supplements

Best post-workout supplements that can help your body after you practice exercises, the following are;

Protein Shake

The consumption of whey protein can ensure optimal recovery in your muscles. Keep in mind that if you have taken protein before training, the amount you need to ingest at this time is less since the amino acids remain in the plasma for several hours.


There are also carbohydrate shakes that will prevent insulin levels from being low. After doing exercise, you are required glucose for the muscles and fructose for the liver.


Its consumption replenishes the loss of electrolytes in our body, such as potassium and sodium. This loss occurs through sweat.

It also promotes muscle growth and prevents the onset of fatigue and cramps.


It increases cellular hydration and improves physical performance.


It is a non-essential amino acid. That is, our body can produce it, but in situations of stress, such as intense exercise, its consumption through diet is favorable.


This supplement will also improve our immune system. In addition, it decreases the risk of infections and guarantees a quick recovery.

How To Choose The Best Time?

Several features can affect your decision concerning when to take any of the products that appear in the ranking of pre workout supplements , of pre workouts. First, you may not necessarily need it if it’s been a long time since your last session.

Another thing to consider is how intense your routine is: if it’s pretty easy and moderate, it definitely won’t work for you. Actually, the choice of the ideal time depends on each person and the circumstances surrounding their training, so this depends on the factor of individuality.

Why Should We Recover After Exercise?

There are numerous details why you should pay care to recovery:

  • You will recharge glycogen stores.
  • A repair of the muscular tissues occurs since they deteriorate during intense exercise, and micro-tears are generated.
  • It helps in increasing muscle mass.
  • We will avoid overload, exhaustion, and the appearance of injuries.
  • It provides a physical and mental break so that you will return to your next session with more energy and motivation.
  • You can obtain all these benefits by following specific guidelines, such as proper hydration, rest days, and choosing the most effective supplements for your body.

What Types Of Pre Workout Supplements Are There?

That said, there are two main orderings of pre-workout supplements:

  1. Non-stimulants: reinforces muscular performance; It usually contains creatine and beta-alanine, as well as some nitric oxide or taurine promoter.
  2. Stimulants: that raise concentration, giving you energy; usually contain caffeine and ephedrine

Benefits Of Taking A Post-Workout Supplement

Although our eating pattern is essential throughout the day, post-workout nutrition is critical since it can amplify and improve the following terms. Whatever our goal is, whether to train for aesthetics, beat our lifting marks, or improve race times, we should always be aware that our goal should be to advance progressively.

In the first case, even though all the sights are focused on gaining muscle mass (hypertrophy), our body will react similarly in the face of an inadequate stimulus. That is, if we do not apply a new inspiration, new adaptations will not occur, which in this case, will translate precisely into the generation of new tissues. If, on the other hand, the independence is to increase our strength, the type of training will have a drastic influence. Through the principle of strength progression, we will gradually conclude phases or mesocycles, with the corresponding gains. That is why it is convenient not to forget that we will always have the idea of improving our performance in order, as we have said, to continue progressing.


The functioning of each food will depend on many factors. That is why it is overbearing that you understand what your need is and the best one that suits your needs. In this guide, you will find what you can achieve with each supplement, but you must know your weight, height and age, the operation, and the results each of these products can give you.