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Lira Skincare – About, Advantages, Function, And More

Lira Skincare – About, Advantages, Function, And More


Lira Skincare – lira Clinical Ice Balancing Lotion, Oil Control & Light Hydration Daily Lotion with Skin Probiotics, Salicylic Acid & Plant Stem Cells, Brightens & Moisturizes Skin with Matte Finish, 1.69 Fl Oz. The products we can use should have predominantly water and vegetable oils ideal for mixed skin, providing nutrition without leaving the skin greasy.

Advantages of lira skincare

Advantages of lira skincare

Regulates Sebum Production In A Light Cream

This facial balancing lotion was created to gently hydrate acne-prone skin by removing excess oil. It offers lightweight hydration with a matte finish making it perfect for everyday use.

Get That Balance With Topical Probiotics

Achieve that healthy, dewy look with this probiotic-infused moisturizer. Restore regular skin composition with good stuff to cleanse your pores and destroy contaminants on your skin.

Supports Clear, Acne-Free Skin

Get rid of those breakouts using this balancing lotion that contains niacinamide, resorcinol, phytosphingosine, and salicylic acid that complement each other in treating acne-prone skin

Antioxidant-Rich Formula With Brightening Botanicals And Plant Stem Cells

Echinacea and Lilac PSC work together and hold power to fight some of the unfortunate side effects of acne. Botanical extracts and plant stem cells soothe the skin and help brighten your skin to look clear and radiant.

Formulated By Skin Care Professionals

Lira Clinical is founded by four passionate skin care professionals and educators to take today’s skincare to a cheerful, more lovely level. Rest secure that our products have the perfect balance between science and nature, all for a glow

Function Of The Skin

Its functions include protection, thermoregulation, sensation, secretion, immune function, vitamin D production, and excretion. It is a very hard-working organ.

That is why cleaning and daily care of our skin are fundamental and should be one of our priorities.

Although people have a meaning beyond purely hygienic, we must not forget that their fundamental objective is the elimination of dirt and other unwanted substances from the skin surface, which will allow our skin to fulfill all its functions.

The skin can change over time and even during a specific period of our lives. Where before there was a T-zone that gave us quite a few problems, now we suffer from a situation of intense dryness. Normal, combination, dry and oily skin are the four values that are usually considered for dermatological diagnoses. However, external and internal factors can influence the label we have always worn to change.

Key Factor

These products are usually creams or lotions, which are two types of emulsions that differ in viscosity and typically have two phases;  one watery and one oily.

These phases cannot mix but instead disperse into each other.

Sometimes we can find that both phases separate over time. Although this should not worry us, nothing has been damaged by leaving them for a few months; you have to stir it a little, so they disperse again.

Oily skin

People with this type of skin may think that they do not need to use moisturizers, but nothing is further from the truth since it must be made clear that a high-fat content in the skin is not synonymous with hydrated skin. For oily skin, it is advisable to use products that contain high-quality or light oils in an adequate amount. In natural cosmetics, first pressure vegetable oils, with a dry touch, that do not generate excess fat and are in a correct proportion so as not to leave a shine on the skin.

Dry Skin

When our skin type is classified as dry, the products used for daily skin care should contain water, first-pressure vegetable oils rich in natural moisturizers, such as vegetable glycerin. Then, substitute petroleum jelly or lanolin for vegetable kinds of butter, such as cocoa, shea, or mango, in more significant quantities to combat dryness.

The Skin Needs

The masterful formula for each skin is supported, on the one hand, by sesame, macadamia, hibiscus seed oils, and, very exceptionally, chia, one of the richest vegetable sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamins: B5 reinforces the skin barrier, and K2 strengthens the walls of the capillaries. Sensitive skin does not eliminate Teprenone, an active ingredient that calms irritations and improves the skin’s lipid barrier.

Oils are fatty extracts with cosmetic benefits that lubricate the skin’s surface. In addition, its lighter molecular structure allows it to nourish the deepest layers. These concentrates, remarkably similar to the dermis due to their high composition in water, are also absorbed immediately.

Red ginseng has the same effect on cold as a crucifix on a vampire: it kills it in clinics revitalizing treatments with a red ginseng sweep.


The internal factors that affect the skin are age and genetic inheritance. With these, we can take precautions to reduce the passage of time, while external factors are those that are related to the environment where we live and the lifestyle. All one, with a series of meanings that interrelate with each other. It is not uniform throughout its surface, with topographic variations due to its different functions. For example, we can notice this modification in the thickness of the skin of our eyelids and our heels.

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