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Ruby Gemstone: What Are The Most Valuable Gemstones?

Ruby Gemstone: What Are The Most Valuable Gemstones?

Ruby Gemstone – It is a very beautiful and valuable stone.Whether due to their colours, size or brightness, throughout history, precious stones have enjoy great popularity, becoming a key element when we talk about jewellery, so if you are thinking of buying a piece of jewellery, it is not a surprise that you have a particular stone in mind, but do you know what are the most valuable gemstones and the most resistant?

What Are The Types Of Gemstones

Precious stones are certainly the most desired and flawless gems, and they generally meet three essential standards: beauty, robustness, and scarcity. They are;

Diamonds: Without a doubt, the most famous and coveted gemstone on the list is considering  the gemstone par excellence; It is the hardest mineral on the planet, and the only precious stone made up of only one element, carbon. Moreover, diamonds have different colors like yellow, blue, green, and red, and are usually most difficult to find. White is the most famous and the public’s favourite, primarily when will use in such pieces. Important as engagement rings.

Emerald: The emerald is unique of the most extraordinary beautiful gemstones and has enjoy great popularity throughout history, remaining one of the most famous gemstones even today. Much of its value lies in its characteristic green colour, a product of vanadium and transparency. To be consider a precious stone, the gem must be as free of imperfections as possible. Speaking of resistance, the emerald could be the least resistant stone on this list, so it should be avoiding  exposing it to too humid environments.

Ruby: One of the most famous gemstones, without a doubt, is. It is impossible not to recognize the classic red color of this gem, which, believe it or not, comes from a red variant of corundum, the same material that sapphires come from.

How Are Gems Or Precious Stones?

How Are Gems Or Precious Stones_

Contrary to what people think, gems are not just minerals. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc., come to mind, etc. It is something a little add complex that we will explain below. Gems or precious stones are directly associates with their use in jewellery. As we all know, countless materials have been use in the world of jewellery to give colour, shine and texture to jewellery. Therefore, not only minerals are treating  as gems because amber, which is of organic origin, is also considering  a gem, such as coral, pearls, obsidian crystals, onyx stones, etc.There are many examples of non-mineral materials that, once carved, become gems. And all of these are includes within the classification of precious stones due to their quality or perfection.

Where Are Precious Stones Extracted From?

The extraction method of precious stones varies according to their origin, whether mineral or organic. Minerals, glass and rocks such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, obsidian, onyx, etc… are generally extracts by mining, just like other minerals or rocks.

Technological advances and the price of some gemstones have encouraging  synthetic production, which is nothing more than exactly reproducing a gem in a laboratory. That is the case of diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby are already produces in factories with the same quality, hardness, colour and brightness that nature has done for millions of years in the subsoil.

Describe The Gemstones And Their Quality

The quality of precious stones and their price is determining  by how perfect they are when they are mines or collects since their cost will depend on how perfect their shape, colour, brightness, clarity, etc. Gems are graded by size, hue, brilliance, number of blemishes, and body. Well, its price will depend on it once carved. The analysis before carving is essential to calculate the final cost of the gem. For this, the software analyzes the shape of each rough stone to calculate what gem or gems can result after carving.

However, coral and pearls are made differently because, being organic gemstones, they must be collects in their growth zone, and after a while, they grow back and can be collecting  again. In the case of pearls, man can cultivate them by reproducing in captivity the oysters that life produce the pearls. Thus the production and extraction process is more controlled. Regarding pearls, we must comment that there are also synthetic pearls and cultured pearls. Here we show you how to distinguish fake pearls


The diamond is the hardest valuable stone and does not wear out over time, maintaining all its beauty and intensity for life. Prestigious artisans formerly made the jewels for royalty or nobility, the only ones who could pay for them, and the most will use metals were sterling silver and gold. Currently, thanks to technological evolution, there are many metals and combinations of them where you can wear these precious stones. Even metals with hypoallergenic properties such as Rhodium or platinum have been discovered.

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