What Is Sustainable Fashion?

About Sustainable Fashion – The notion of sustainable Fashion is an aberration, these two terms being in essence opposed. According to the dictionary, Fashion is a way of living, behaving, and dressing specifically to an era. Fashion changes evolve, reinvents itself, is ephemeral. Sustainable means “lasting over time” and, in the case of Fashion, “trying to minimize its environmental impact.”

Sustainable Fashion aims to extend the life of a garment and reduce its environmental impact. Thus a brand that claims to be sustainable must act at all levels of the life cycle of the garment, the design of the garment: the cut, the quality, the recyclability of the materials, the raw materials used: natural, recycled, recyclable, upcycled, method of extraction or manufacture, etc.

Why Opt For Sustainable Fashion?

Why Opt For Sustainable Fashion_

Sustainable Fashion for a more virtuous economy. As we often tell you, we vote every day for the world we want to be based on our behavior, particularly on the purchases we make. Buying sustainable clothing means being comfortable in these sneakers knowing that they were made by human beings, respected and paid at their fair value.

And A Preserved Environment

The textile industry is one of the most impactful on the environment. Did you know for example that a pair of sports shoes requires 24kg of raw materials? And that it rejects 14kg of CO2 emissions ( source ADEME )? By buying sustainably, you therefore limit the impact on production. And above all, you “make a profit” from this impact over a longer period of time thanks to clothes that last longer. Sales are perhaps one of the most important symbols of our consumer society. Two concepts are behind this period of frantic buying: permanent change and the wrong price.

The permanent change

The initial idea of the sales is to sell off the current collection. But with increasingly numerous and changing collections, to “be fashionable,” you must constantly change clothes and keep up with this frenetic pace! The economic model behind it is to sell different clothes to the same people as regularly as possible. You ! A concept illustrated in a humorous way by Karim Duval in the video below. (By the way, find here our video with him on the legend of the hummingbird )

The Wrong Price

If the brands are ready to make reductions of up to -70%, it may be an outpouring of generosity… or more surely the illustration of the substantial margin they make on your back and especially on that of the producers… Many sustainable fashion brands refuse this concept of sales with the justification that their price:

  • is just
  • and makes it possible to remunerate all the actors involved in the sector.

Sustainable Fashion, An Elusive Concept For Many Consumers

Aware of the urgency of adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, consumers are gradually turning to sustainable Fashion. But, do we still need to know what is hidden behind this notion of sustainability, and, essential thing, have the necessary indications to turn to more responsible clothing? A new American study reveals that consumers today are lost in the face of the flood of information on the subject despite all their goodwill.

Sustainable Fashion is a vast concept that is obviously not always clear to consumers, who are nevertheless looking for reliable information to turn to clothes that are less harmful to the planet and help reduce, at their level, the impact environment of one of the most polluting industries. An overwhelming majority of US consumers (86%) consider sustainability to be a good goal, according to research by biotech company Genomatica. Only almost half (48%) say they don’t know where or how to find sustainable clothing and 42% say they don’t even know what makes a T-shirt or trousers sustainable.

What Is Sustainable Fashion Or Ethical Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Fashion, and eco-responsible Fashion, when Fashion became ” sustainable, “are all terms for Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Fashion and eco-responsible Fashion, when Fashion is becoming “sustainable,” are all terms; to confuse the consumer. The consumer, in search of ethical or eco-responsible clothing, finds it difficult to navigate among all these terms and is rightly wary of greenwashing.

How To Know If A Garment Is Good For The Planet, How To Decode This Barbaric Vocabulary?

One thing is certain: a product that cares about nature and the environment cannot be “low cost.” So beware of signs displaying responsible products at low prices!

What Is Eco-Responsible, Eco-Friendly, Or Responsible Fashion?

Concretely, these terms refer to the same elements as sustainable Fashion. To know how to take into account the environmental dimension in the manufacture of its product.

What Is Ethical Fashion Or An Ethical Brand?

Among the various words used, the notion of ethical Fashion also comes up regularly. According to the brand, ethics is “the set of moral principles that are the basis of someone’s conduct.” This term refers to morality. Morality is a set of rules of conduct, considered absolutely good or deriving from a certain conception of life. An ethical brand will take into account the rules of good conduct at all levels and implement them. It therefore encompasses the notion of sustainable Fashion.


The objective of Fashion is to analyze the environmental impact of each stage of the product’s life. This includes a reflection on the types of materials, the way of production, the places of production, and the end of life. More expensive. But this higher cost is accurate at the scale of a garment.

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