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The Golden Rules of Good Hair Care – About, Rules of Hair care, And More

The Golden Rules of Good Hair Care – About, Rules of Hair care, And More


The Golden Rules of Good Hair Care  – Hairs are very precious to every women and Mens too .It is good to favor the most natural and gentle washing and care products possible. Many shampoos and products on the market contain many chemical ingredients , which are often irritating and too detergent . Ultimately, our hair is dry for nothing and the scalp secretes more sebum to protect itself. Natural products will better respect your skin and hair as well as the environment while fulfilling their missions. To ensure healthy , vigorous, shiny hair and optimal growth , you can also take a course of In Haircare food supplements . This allows you to better nourish the hair from the inside in a completely natural way . There is no secret to having beautiful, healthy hair. We must always favor a healthy lifestyle as well as softness and nature.

Rules Of Hair Care

Rules Of Hair Care

Brush Your Hair Gently Once A Day

The idea of having to do 100 vigorous strokes through your hair daily is nothing more than a myth and can cause more damage than good. First, brushing your hair too harshly frequently scratches the scalp and cracks the inch.

So In what way Often Should You Brush Your Hair?

It all rests on your hair type, but, generally, once a day should be enough. If your hair is particularly long or fine, you may need to brush it twice a day to avoid tangles, while those with curly hair may even brush it less often, especially since the curls are more fragile than straight hair.

Do Not Shower Your Hair More Than 2-3 Times A Week

Many often miracle how often they should wash their hair, and the answer is no more than two to three stretches a week. But, if you do something more often, you need to cut back for different reasons. First, your scalp produces natural oils distributed along each strand of hair. The purpose of these oils is to cultivate, condition, and protect your hair, but every time you shower your hair, these oils are stripped away.

Avoid Hot Showers

The clash continues regarding whether it’s best to wash hair in hot or cold water, and there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong response yet. Thus, the perfect temperature will be somewhere in the middle, which is in lukewarm water. It may be appealing to warm up the warmth, but hot water damages the hair while stimulating the scalp to harvest extra oil. On the other hand, of course, you don’t want to go too cold either. This would prevent excess fat on your hair from being washed away. However, once you’ve washed your hair in hot water, turn it down and give it a cold run before stepping out of the shower.

An Essential Vintage Gesture

To be done morning and evening, and before shampooing. Brushing your hair is the best way to distribute the sebum from root to tip and thus offers the most natural protection to avoid knots and, therefore, breakage and activate the scalp’s micro-circulation.

The Nourishing Mask Always Before The Shampoo

The mask is applied to dry hair, from the ends to the mid-lengths, and not just anyhow. To benefit 100% of its benefits, there is twenty minutes of break time under a plastic cap and a hot towel for the hammam effect. We rinse. And there is no question of putting the shower head on your head and waiting quietly for it to happen. No, you have to emulsify with your fingertips until there is no more product.

Tips For Healthy Hair

Everyone would like to have vigorous, shiny, and strong hair. But to have healthy hair, some basic rules and tips are good to follow.

Rinse With Cool Water. You, Will, Do

When you shower your hair, you tend to use hot water to relax because it’s enjoyable. But ultimately, hot water dries out the skin and scalp, so finishing your head rinse with cool water helps stimulate blood circulation, tighten tissue, and make hair shine.

Gently You Will Brush Your Hair

To avoid breakage and tearing of hair, brushing wet should be avoided. Indeed, when the hair is wet, it is more elastic and, therefore, fragile. If you pull too much on it, it may break (even more so if already weakened). It would be better to detangle his hair with a comb with large teeth on wet hair after shampooing. Brushing is only on dry hair and gently. Also, I prefer brushes with soft and natural bristles.

The Heat You Will Avoid

Heat should be avoided as much as possible for healthy and durable hair. It dries out the hair and dehydrates it, which makes it more spongy, dull, dry, and hard. Therefore, we praise drying in the open air and gentle styling methods without heat.


We all know (or almost) that you must maintain your lengths with appropriate hair care and masks to provide hydration and nutrition from the outside, but let’s not forget that the strength and good health of the hair come mainly from the inside. If so, you need to wash them even less because the shine and vibrancy of your hair will dull the more you wash them.

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