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Lightning Bolt Design In Hair – About, Method Of Maintain, Lightening Techniques, And More

Lightning Bolt Design In Hair – About, Method Of Maintain, Lightening Techniques, And More


Lightning Bolt Design In Hair- With the trend of platinum blond, icy blond, or even bronde, we end up wondering if a lightening of our hair would not tempt us. And for that, the choice is wide depending on the expected result. Light, we opt for sweeping, very pronounced, we turn to discoloration. But before you lighten your hair, here are some questions.

Method Of Maintaining Lightened Hair?

It is not enough to go to the hairdressers to have a beautiful mane. Regular maintenance is essential to optimize its new color. For example, if you have opted for a platinum blond, there are special shampoos to prevent the hair from turning unsightly yellow. The same goes for the scan or flash option. Even if the change is minimal, it is necessary to devote time to the maintenance of his hair. “The monthly visit to the hairdresser is not compulsory. It all depends on the method used, the intensity of the lighting, and your tastes [if you like roots or not, Ed]. Sometimes I see my clients only once a year.

Lightening Techniques

Lightening Techniques

As you may know, hair lightening and coloring techniques are some of the most requested services in the beauty industry today. However, these services can be pretty complex to perform and are often easily confused with each other. Among these popular coloring techniques are balayage and ombré, in addition to classic highlights and daylight. These two beloved styles will always be and can be created with many tones and types. First, however, hairdressers must know how to start them correctly, with precision and a well-defined technique.

The most popular coloring techniques in the beauty world are balayage and ombré. Following the latest hair color trends, you’re probably already familiar with either style. The scan– also known as the hand-painting technique – involves hairdressers lightening carefully selected strands of hair by two or three tones to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look. In contrast, ombré, a shading technique, involves blending one shade of color into another, creating a natural gradient that typically runs from darker roots to lighter tips. In both cases, hair color experts must consider their client’s hair tones to choose the best custom shade to achieve beautiful results.

Why Do I Want To Lighten My Hair?

“There are thousands of ways to interpret blond. So often, when we want to lighten our hair, we try to reinvent ourselves, to change the perception that others have of us, even to get noticed more”, explains Giorgio, colorist at the David Mallett salon. “It’s nice to be in the skin of a blonde, but you still have to think a little to best match your complexion. In other words, the whim is to be avoided because the regret quickly arrives. To be sure of yourself, it is (firmly) advised to go to a professional.

Can My Hair Handle Being Lightened?

Lightening inevitably leads to sensitization of the hair. The higher the degree of oxidation, the more the scales open and the more the hair is vulnerable to external aggressions. The heat, the mechanical and repetitive movements associated with this famous lightning… We end up with brittle hair! The risk is all the more remarkable if our hair is already not in great shape. So, before embarking on the adventure, even for a simple scan, it is better to repair the fiber in depth using homemade treatments or dry hair masks.

Tips Of Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Do you want blonde hair with a beach look? Beautiful honey reflections? No need to go out in the sun! We give you 6 do-it-yourself beauty recipes to lighten your hair naturally without leaving your apartment.

What Natural Ingredients To Lighten Your Hair?

Lightening your hair is not difficult: for this, you only require honey, lemon, and chamomile. Undoubtedly, honey is a natural element that has nourishing and lightening chattels. Conversely, chamomile makes it possible to find lighter highlights without harming the hair.

Finally, lemon brings light to the hair, but be careful because it tends to dry out the ends. So you now know the essential ingredients to give you natural reflections, surfer style coming back from a weekend at the ocean. However, the result may differ depending on the application time and the natural color of your hair. Indeed, if you are blonde, it will revive your paint and make it sparkling. On the other hand, people with brown hair will get up to two shades lighter, while brunettes and redheads will have a little more copper highlights.

Lighten Your Hair With Chamomile

Ingredients :

  • 70 ml water or chamomile tea (lightening)
  • 10 ml of vegetable glycerin (moisturizing)
  • 20 ml aloe vera gel (moisturizing)
  • 15 drops of lemon essential oil (lightening)

Achievement :

  1. Add the ingredients to a spray bottle and mix.
  2. Spray the preparation on your hair.

Lighten Your Hair With Honey


  • Care or conditioner without silicone
  • Of honey


  • Fill a jam jar two-thirds with skincare or conditioner and one-third with honey.
  • Mix everything and leave it in the jar, lid closed, for about twenty minutes: the bleaching agent in the honey will activate.
  • During this time, wash your hair, wring it out, and leave it in the open air.
  • Once your treatment has rested for the necessary time and depending on the desired result, apply the antidote to the hair.
  • Leave your mixture on for at least 40 minutes (up to an hour if you want a more marked effect), then rinse thoroughly.
  • You can renew the treatment with each shampoo for lighter hair. Then, store the rest of the treatment in the fridge.

What Are The Differences Between Contrast, Sunlight, And Flash?

Bautista, at heart, you spend most of your time taking care of your hair and highlighting your mane with original and up-to-date hair colors, but do you know the jargon of hair color professionals? Today, the writing of getting The Look takes stock of three types of scans that can boost the color of your hair, bringing light and relief to your mane in just a few moments.

Between flash, contrast, and sunlight, the choice has always been difficult for you because, in the end, you don’t know precisely what these terms correspond to and what more they will bring to your hair. However, it’s never too late to learn, so discover their specificities without further delay to make the best choice at the time and succeed in your scan.


hairdressing professionals have not hesitated to use this technical term to define a type of coloring, a kind of scan more precisely. lightening your hair can be a plus for light and pep. The similarities and key differences, and how best to use them to deliver superb hair coloring and lightening services.

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