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Thicker And Beautiful Hair – Definition, Tips, Factors, And More

Thicker And Beautiful Hair – Definition, Tips, Factors, And More


Thicker And Beautiful Hair  – A good care routine and a healthy lifestyle, in which a proper diet predominates, can be very beneficial when showing off spectacular hair. Many people limit themselves to “hair repair” cosmetic products, leaving aside a fundamental question: whether they must combine the application of these products with the practice of healthy habits. Although it is true that by limiting the use of these elements, it is possible to minimize their impact, people often look for other resources to take care of their hair and revitalize it as soon as possible.

What Are The Best Tips To Maintain Thick Hair?

What Are The Best Tips To Maintain Thick Hair_

Excessive hair loss is a worrying issue for anyone; however, there are simple tips that can help counteract it. If the objective is to maintain abundant hair, it is not necessary to wait for this problem to start applying them.

Massage The Scalp

Applying gentle massages on the scalp is an excellent habit to promote the healthy growth of the strands. Because it reactivates blood circulation, it improves the assimilation of nutrients in the hair follicles.

Adopt A Healthy Diet

Although it is more than evident, nutrition through food is decisive for hair health. The scalp and the strands require vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances that make up their structure.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is one of the enemies of abundant hair; Although it is easy to overlook, it triggers dry roots and hair loss. Therefore, ensuring optimal water consumption and healthy liquids allows you to take care of your hair. Drink water throughout the day, depending on thirst. Some recommend drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water daily to start making the habit (in case you don’t have it). If you do not have the facility for drinking water, try infusions of plants, fruit water or juices.

Rinse With Cold Water

Constant use of hot water when washing your hair can influence that dull and dry appearance. On the contrary, cold water activates the circulation of the scalp and supports growth.

What Are Factors You Should Know About Thick Hair?

Human hair is a long strand consisting of a stem, the visible part, the root, the hair follicle and the bulb in which it is inserted and where it gets its nutrients. The number of hair glands a being has will be the same from birth to death. It is estimated that the scalp has approximately 100,000 total hairs. On the other hand, although it does not fulfil any vital function, the presence or absence of hair can affect a person emotionally and psychologically. The monthly growth measurement is 1 centimetre. In women, it is normal for it to grow faster than in men. In addition, in summer it usually produces more than in winter. Due to its texture, there is thin, average or thick hair. However, if your hair is thick or ordinary, it can thin over time and in certain situations.

One of the most complex problems regarding hair aesthetics is thickening fine hair. From the outside, it is often not seen as a severe problem because it is believed that the most dangerous thing is that you will not be able to do a lioness carding.

However, things get ample worse for those who suffer from fine hair, especially when it comes together with other elements (which are pretty standard), like being too oily or brittle.

What Are The Causes Of Thin Hair?

Hair can present some complications or problems throughout life, making it necessary to seek help. Typically, hair begins to thin after the age of 50. Among the causes of this thinning are:

High cholesterol

In many cases, there is a linear connection between high cholesterol levels and hair loss, as suggested by this study from West Pomeranian University (Poland). If your medic has told you that your cholesterol levels are high, it’s time to lower them.

High blood pressure

The higher the blood pressure, the greater the risk of hair loss.


This is a fairly common problem for many people. So says this study from the University of Hamburg (Germany).


A loss of nutrients usually accompanies the passing of the years, and weight loss occurs gradually. Since getting older is inevitable, the best thing you can do is make sure you eat a healthy diet that provides you with all the nutrients.


The healthiest method to waterless your hair is outdoors. Excessive dryer use can affect the natural production of oils, deteriorating the strands. However, it is also incorrect to wrap it with a towel after washing. This bad habit makes it more brittle. For healthy hairs, Massage the roots for 5-10 minutes using your fingertips.

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