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Wellness Sanctuary – About, Transform, Personal Wellness Sanctuary, And More

Wellness Sanctuary – About, Transform, Personal Wellness Sanctuary, And More


Wellness Sanctuary  – Ritual “Is turning an ordinary moment into an extraordinary or sacred moment. Beyond connecting with a divinity, it is making that energy aware and focusing it on a certain aspect that will work for me in a certain way. Nature is an ever-present part of knowledge, a sensory symphony that nurtures and feeds. Beyond improvements in health and wellness, synergistic experience seems to effortlessly and spontaneously take people to unexpected levels of self-discovery and awareness.

How To Transform Your Home Into A Wellness Sanctuary?

We are constantly in search of calm, harmony and well-being. Today we tell you how to get into these sensations with the Wellness Sanctuary trend.

The day-to-day is overwhelming for many. The traffic, the calls, the thousand things to do, everything works against you. The only thing that goes through your mind at the end of the day is being at home and feeling the tranquillity of that space you call home; if you are still looking for a way to make your area more pleasant, calm and harmonious, adding elements of the Wellness Sanctuary trend may be the solution.

Spaces That Connect

Has it happened to you that you enter a place and feel positive energy? This happens when you are in a space that connects with you. If you are a person who feels calm when in a clean place or who enjoys silence and moments alone, your room should be on the same page.

With Santuario de Bienestar, you build minimalist and relaxing aesthetics that invite you to escape and connect with yourself, achieving a balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Awaken Your Senses

When you are in a space that invites you to feel, touch and admire, your senses are on the surface—Wellness Sanctuary bets on textures that look smooth and clean.

To get into this trend, you can choose flat, structured and large-format walls that generate a feeling of spaciousness. Remember that the purpose is to create an environment where comfort and calm are the protagonists.

Soft Tones And Dreamy Sensations

Think about what colours bring you calm… they relax you and allow you to breathe deeply. Imagine where you want to be right now and look at the colour palette of that image you have in your mind.

It is not covert that colours have relaxing powers on people; At Santuario de Bienestar, sensory tones, such as coral and lime green, become relaxing when combined with a palette of pastel tones, balancing softness with acidity and generating a sense of tranquillity and inner awakening for a pure and satisfying visual experience. Allow yourself to meet a colour palette that provides relief and comfort and improves your mood.

How To Turn A Bedroom Into A Personal Wellness Sanctuary?

How To Turn A Bedroom Into A Personal Wellness Sanctuary_

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, comfort, tranquillity and calm. It should be a private haven, so you can let it go. But what are the best ways to ensure you have a bedroom where you’ll be able to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the next day? Many times some of the best ways to have sweet dreams in a luxury bedroom are within reach and often more straightforward than it seem.

A Comfortable Bed May Be The Key

Sometimes we have a restless night’s sleep, and when we wake up the following day, we feel like we didn’t have a perfect sleep feeling.

Sometimes the solution can be as modest as changing the mattress and sheets. Of course, you have to make a good choice of everything. As with all things, mattresses deteriorate from use and should be changed every few years when we see that we no longer rest comfortably. Considering that we spend at least a large part of our lives sleeping, a good quality mattress and sheets should be considered essential purchases.

Includes Soft Lighting

It is essential to know how lighting can affect our well-being and how it can be an effective tool in creating a healthy bedroom environment.

Although we often do not understand it, the amount and type of light that enters our bedroom directly affects our mood and behaviour.

Robust and bright lighting makes us more alert. It is best to sleep in as dark as possible. This prevents circadian rhythm disturbances and other sleep problems.

Soft lighting, such as candles or a small LED table lamp, usually helps to relax the body, achieving better sleep.

Add Houseplants To Improve Air Quality

When we want to make our bedroom a serene and relaxing place, letting nature in, even in minor ways, is often surprising in its rewarding result. Even the tiniest houseplant can work wonders.

Plants recover the excellence of the air in the room by helping to absorb the carbon dioxide that we exhale and giving off more oxygen to us. They also help absorb a lot of dust particles in the air, which is excellent for people with asthma or other respiratory problems, potentially reducing the time you spend using your inhaler.

Control the temperature in the room.

We must ensure that the room where we rest has a suitable temperature to recover from a long day. On many occasions, the orientation of the bedroom in the house, concerning the sun, has a direct influence, as do the heating and the window coverings.

The recommendation for a good rest usually ranges between 18°C and 20ºC. But remember that everyone is different. Just make sure you feel comfortable.

Legendary Sanctuary Of Wellness And Holistic Spa

Feel the potential of life is a multi-award-winning holistic spa and wellness sanctuary set in a tropical landscape on the south coast of Thailand. It offers a synergistic wellness experience to help people reconnect with life’s potential and achieve optimal wellness.

The cuisine, the service style, the setting and even the architecture are designed to support and enhance the therapies and wellness services. The land itself is a powerful part of the journey, offering guests a direct experience of the healing power of nature. At the heart of the is a centuries-old cave, once used by Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat. Guests can enter this sacred space for quiet reflection and meditation.


When creating a relaxing and peaceful space from scratch so you can have sweet dreams, make sure it’s a place you love to spend your time. True healing comes from acceptance, not resistance. We take a refreshing and liberating humanistic approach to wellness. With the absence of strict controls and rigid rules, guests can naturally loosen up and open up. Support, advice and inspiration are always offered, but guests’ innate wisdom guides their experience.

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