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White Spots On Nails – Definition, Cause, Treatment, And More

White Spots On Nails – Definition, Cause, Treatment, And More


White Spots On Nails – The appearance of white spots on the nails could sometimes worry us. But these small traces are generally benign and only have an aesthetic impact. We invite you to find out in this article what white spots on the nails can mean. Your hands are often the first impression you give to a stranger, hence the importance of taking care of your nails. Despite the most outstanding care and an impeccable manicure, small white spots have gradually appeared on the surface of your nails. Please don’t panic; we will tell you everything about the causes and treatments of these little whiteheads.


The nail plays a protective role, so it is often put to the test. It protects the fingers and toes from external aggressions: blows, temperature changes, and pressure and allows scratching or even tearing easily. In short, this small organ gives you many boosts.

Two distinct areas make up the surface of your nail: small white space and a more significant, pinker portion. Under this visible part is the matrix, which makes it possible to synthesize keratin in several layers. Unfortunately, it happens that microtrauma damages this established balance. Thus, any shock can create an anomaly in the production of keratinocytes which whiten and cause a lack of transparency.

Hence the appearance of small white spots on your toenails or hands: this is commonly known as leukonychia. It can take different forms: the nail can be wholly or partially white, dotted with streaks, or even small spots or spikes. Despite a scientific name that makes you shudder, nothing to worry about, it is often a mild illness.

Treatment of White spots

Treatment of White spots

Start by avoiding mistreating your nails! The poor are already constantly prey to external aggressions. Say goodbye to intensive cuticle treatment. We avoid sensitizing the matrix by filing our nails too often, and of course, we stop biting them. Everything will return to normal quickly: you must wait for the nail to grow back for the stains to evaporate.

To protect your nails daily, remember to wear gloves when using harmful products and moisturize your hands to the tips of the nails. Tenancy your nails breathe from time to time without polish. This will allow them to regenerate and be healthy for longer

However, some natural remedies prevent and treat minor white spots.

Lemon Juice

Rich in vitamin C, lemon is ideal for strengthening and protecting your weakened nails and thus reducing white spots. Mix two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice and a few droplets of olive oil and keep on your nails for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Known for its detoxifying and purifying properties, Tea Tree essential oil is used on the skin and in nail care. A few drops can be enough to eliminate microbes and thus the whiteheads that proliferate on the nail’s surface.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an excellent remedy for white spots thanks to its antifungal properties. Semi- a cup of white vinegar mixed with a quarter of lukewarm water can help you eradicate this unsightly discoloration.

If there is no actual remedy, most of the time, it is enough to wait for the nail to grow back. In the meantime, you can hide your stained or streaked nails. A protective base and a colored varnish: voila!

Have You Ever Noticed Minor White Spots On The Surface Of Your Nail?

If there is no actual remedy, it is often enough to wait for the nail to grow back. In the meantime, you can hide your stained or streaked nails. A protective base and a colored varnish: voila!

Is It Possible To Get rid of the White Spots On The Nails?

Thus, there is no result in removing white spots on the nails. But they will disappear naturally with the regrowth of the nail.

This process happens slowly and naturally. However, be aware that the complete growth of a fingernail can take two to three months and that of the toenails up to 12 months (see more for that of the big toe). So, it would help if you had a little patience and cut the part of the nail with the small white spot when it has grown enough.

If these white spots worry you from an aesthetic point of view and you want to hide them, it is possible to put nail polish in your favorite color to “camouflage” them. Of course, care duty is paid to the formulation of the products (varnishes and solvents), preferring the least aggressive formulas. If possible, apply a protective base and always observe the presence of a possible reaction.

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