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Five Leaf Wellness – About, Clovers Synonymous, Plant Full Of Virtues, And More

Five Leaf Wellness – About, Clovers Synonymous, Plant Full Of Virtues, And More


Five Leaf Wellness – It is a Special Organic 5 Plants infusion in sachets is a sweet blend of Verbena, Linden, Mint, Chamomile, and Orange tree leaves. Without forgetting Lemon, which adds pep to infusions. This great recipe original mixes lemony, honeyed and fresh flavors, which are irresistible when tasted. Pagès perfectly masters the art of assembling plants. Ingredients: Organic Peppermint 24%, Organic Verbena 23%, Organic Orange Leaves 20%, Organic Chamomile 18%, Organic Linden 9%, Organic Lemon Essential Oil 6%.

Why Are Clovers Synonymous With Good Fortune?

Jackpot, you have just unearthed a clover with seven branches in your grandmother’s garden under the envious gaze of your superstitious aunt! Are you in the grip of madness, or is the curious plant genuine? You’ve only heard good things about its little brother, the four-leaf clover, before. Four, five, six, or seven, it’s the same fight. Indeed, they are all three-leaf clovers that have undergone a mutation.

Five Leaf Wellness – These small lucky herbs, often associated with the Celtic people, could be picked on unique and rare soils. It is said that there is one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers if the rule applies to other herbaceous plants.

In the legends of the Celtic druids, the classic three-leaf clover is related to white magic. It was used to repel evil spirits and give courage thanks to its magical properties. The word Trifolium refers to the cluster of clover leaves. Among Christians, it is said that the Irish monk Saint-Patrick used this grassland plant to explain the concept of the Trinity.

A Plant Full Of Virtues, Clover

In botany, clover is believed to be a different plant from others. This herb feeds on the nitrogen present in the air that surrounds it. Clover is, therefore, one of the legumes, like peas or beans! In addition, the soil bacteria it uses, the rhizobia, make it particularly rich in nutrients. Thus, clover is a ground cover in grasslands where ruminants graze. Highly appreciated by the latter, humans can’t help but roam the expanses of grass in search of rarer clovers.

The Symbolism Of The Different Clovers

The Symbolism Of The Different Clovers

The three-leaf clover is, therefore, very common. That’s why you think it will bring luck when you come across a clover with four or more leaves. Here is what a clover will bring you according to the number of leaves it has:

  • With four leaves, a lucky clover. It releases its possessor from bad luck and can even send the latter back to its creator.
  • The 5 leaves of the clover are synonymous with fame, gambling, luck, and conquest.
  • A 6-leaf clover means that you will receive a lot of money.
  • Finally, the 7-leaf clover guarantees luck and prosperity for life. Above all, please don’t lose it.

A Rare Five-Leaf Clover Is On Sale At 1.2 Million Francs

Five Leaf Wellness – When it comes to clover, rarity is equaled only… by the unusualness of a classified ad for sale on Ricardo, the Swiss e-commerce site. The deal of clover with… five leaves! And according to what the Swiss newspaper “20 Minutes” reports, it would not be a joke or scam. “So as long as people like the offer, Shanemusic will stick with it. And if by chance, a buyer takes the bait, he says he is ready to bring him the clover in person. “I have a lot of acquaintances around me who don’t know what to do with their money. » » Shanemusic is the nickname used by the seller on Ricardo, who was lucky enough to pick up this exception while walking his dog.


Five Leaf Wellness- A four-leaf clover, you rarely have the opportunity to come across one unless you regularly frequent Irish pubs. But did you recognize that there are also clovers with 5, 6, or even 7 leaves? Unfortunately, these lucky charms are even rarer to find than their four-leaf cousins. However, if you are fortunate sufficient to pick one, find out why it is said to bring good luck.

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