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Formula Wellness – About, Balanced Diet,  Physical Exercise, And More

Formula Wellness – About, Balanced Diet,  Physical Exercise, And More

About The Wellness Formula

Formula Wellness  – Wellness is experiencing health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, feeling highly satisfied with life, having a sense of sense or purpose. And the skill to fare stress. More generally, wellness is simply feeling good ( take this quiz to determine your level of health.)Well-being is something sought after by almost everyone. After all, it is sought after by nearly everyone. Because it takes in many positive things feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and with purpose. But unfortunately, welfare seems to be a failure. And increasing wellness can be complex without knowing what to do and how to do it.

Balanced Diet Is Also The Wellness Formula

A balanced diet delivers all the nutrients one needs for the best working of the body. Balanced nutrition brings the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And fiber, dependent on our characteristics: age, sex, height, physical activity, lifestyle, and added situations such as, for example, suffering from a pathology.

Our diet must keep a balance and be healthy. What does this mean? That it has to cover all our nutritional requirements with healthy foods. And not with foods that can compromise or harm our health. Allowing to the WHO, eating a healthy and balanced diet throughout our lives helps us prevent malnutrition, non-communicable diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular fates, and cancer), and different conditions.

Physical Exercise  Balanced Diet Is Also The Wellness Formula

Physical Exercise  Balanced Diet Is Also The Wellness Formula

Physical exercise is any voluntary movement supports  by the muscles. Which spends extra energy, in addition to the power that our body consumes and needs to maintain life or basal activity (sleep, breathing, metabolic processes.)

The Physical exercise is a planned, structured, and repetitive activity whose purpose is to maintain and improve our physical form. understanding by physical condition the level of energy and vitality that allows us to carry out the usual daily tasks. Actively enjoy our leisure, reduce the diseases derives from the lack of physical activity and developing our intellectual capacity to the maximum. The sport we speak of the sport when this physical activity is also regulating   and competitive.

Most Important Wellness Formula

As a general rule and at all ages, introducing physical exercise regularly into our daily lives is not always easy for us. This is due to various aspects such as the speed with which we live. The use of the car or motorcycles, and sitting most of the day watching television or playing video games.

The comforts with which we live make us see exercise physical as something challenging, and we make excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I’m tired.” In you, young people, to all these circumstances is adds finishing studies where they organized the exercise for you. From now on, you have to manage it yourself, which can influence the abandonment of it. Other characteristic changes of this stage can also affect. Such as starting to work, shifts of address, becoming independent, new responsibilities, etc. To check this from happening, you have to think about what would be the easiest way to introduce physical activities into your daily life without involving great effort. Then, concrete these changes and make a plan to carry them out.

The Qualities Of A Balanced Diet is Also Formula Of Wellness

  • The diet must be personal to the particularities of each person, as I have mentioning  before, to their schedules, economic conditions, emotional state, etc.
  • It must provide all the nutrients and fiber our body needs in adequate amounts.
  • We cannot fail to recall that eating is a pleasure. Therefore, it is chief that the food, the quantities, and the preparations are proper and pleasant to fulfill us.
  • To get gone from the monotony, it is highly advisable to vary our range of food and that they are fresh and seasonal.
  • That our diet offers the energy we need is significant both for good in the effect of our body. And to prevent additional weight and all relating  ailments and pathologies. To lose weight, the best selection is to follow a balance diet to control the caloric intake and nutrients to reduce weight, avoid nutritional deficiencies, and compromise health.
  • It should not harm our health, prevent food poisoning, and avoid ingesting harmful components.


All the foods we eat regularly make up our diet. How each person makes up their diet. Through the combination of different foods, depends on many factors (psychosocial, economic, cultural, religious), which allows for a great diversity of diets that are variable according to individuals, countries, days of the week, the season of the year, age, gender, physiological situation or physical activity. However, not all diets are correct, but there are more appropriate ways to select and combine foods so that our diet is more appropriate.

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