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Best Vitamins For Hair Growth – Definition, Supplement Hair, Strengthen Hair, And More

Best Vitamins For Hair Growth – Definition, Supplement Hair, Strengthen Hair, And More


Best Vitamins For Hair Growth  – The best vitamins for hair are the B vitamins, the ones we have just listed, among which biotin stands out because they directly affect hair growth and quality. But we cannot forget other vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids (molecules that the body is not capable of synthesizing on its own).

Vitamins for hair and cosmetics, in general, allow us to improve the appearance of hair, its texture and luminosity, and excess sebum. Undoubtedly, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and repairing treatments help us restore it. Still, we must also bear in mind that excessive heat (not using the dryer and irons properly) or aggressive treatments (perms, discolouration) can impact the structure of the hair shaft, making the appearance of our hair look dehydrated, frizzy and finer.

Which Food Supplement For Hair Growth?

We end with Phyto’s food supplement for hair and nails, one of the best-valued products in its category. This is the perfect extra help to strengthen hair and nails in no time. It is a food supplement for hair and nails that contains a high concentration of brewer ‘s yeast . This natural compound allows to increase the brightness of the skin and preserves a healthy appearance. Vitamins C and E, with high antioxidant powers, are primarily indicated to safeguard the hair bulb, the most profound area at the root of the hair. Zinc also offers antioxidant contributions, protects skin cells and promotes hair and nail growth.

Why Vitamins To Strengthen For Hair?

Why Vitamins To Strengthen For Hair_

Biotin, zinc and selenium are 3 of the main active ingredients in any vitamin compound for hair, nails or skin. Be careful. The vitamin gummies that we are going to show you are not for the little ones.The appearance of spring is an excellent time to start strengthening your hair with vitamins. This is the time of year when the hair begins to renew itself and where the loss stage begins. Hair vitamins help to have stronger and healthier hair by slowing down its fall. Altered blood, spring asthenia, sun, wind and rain. That’s what he plays during the second quarter of every year. Spring asthenia is the feeling of weakness and tiredness caused by the change of season, the increase in daylight hours, the time change and the consequent alteration of daily routines.

Lack of energy and fatigue during the spring season can alter the normal regulation of the body. The consequent reduction in vitamin B12 levels brings with it a reduction in keratin levels. The lower the production level of this sulfur-rich protein with fibrous structure, keratin, the less intense the protective barrier present in the outer layers of the skin. Dipping into any vitamin supplements is the perfect way to prevent brittle nails this spring.

What Some Of These Essential Ingredients Do For Hair?

  • Vitamin A. Helps skin glands create sebum that moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy and shiny.
  • Vitamin C. Increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, favouring the flow of nutrients for good hair growth.
  • Vitamin D. Helps create new pilot follicles.
  • Vitamin E. One of the tremendous antioxidant ingredients in cosmetics, in hair food supplements it helps stimulate hair growth.
  • L-Cystine. It is an amino acid that is part of the structure of keratin (the most abundant protein in hair).
  • It protects cells against oxidative stress, favouring the synthesis of keratin and collagen, preventing premature ageing of the hair and protecting its pigmentation.
  • It favours oxygen transport to the roots of the hair, which is why it influences the hair to be healthier and more robust.
  • It contributes to skin and hair pigmentation and protects cellular components from oxidative damage.

The Importance Of Collagen And Keratin For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

By taking care of these two elements, we guarantee an improvement in the quality of our hair.

Collagen: Over time, collagen production decreases; it is crucial to consider this because it forms part of the skin’s structure. Healthy skin and scalp are necessary for correctly anchoring the hair fibre and follicle to the scalp.

Keratin: It is part of the stem of the hair fibre, and we need an adequate supply of proteins and amino acids for it to form correctly in our hair.


The essential vitamins and trace elements allow hair to look healthy again, with more volume and shine. They are even a good help in specific periods of stress. With spring’s arrival, hair is normal to fall out more. As a priority, bad habits when taking care of it, certain medications or hormonal disorders can affect this hair loss or its weakening and loss of shine.

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