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Wellness Tips For Exhausted Moms – About, Tips, Mental Health, And More

Wellness Tips For Exhausted Moms – About, Tips, Mental Health, And More


Wellness Tips For Exhausted Moms – Family support, always fundamental, greatly helped mothers. Surely you remember a conversation or news that has changed your mood for the rest of the day. Do not spend your time on what is out of your control, which awakens states of impotence or frustration. I couldn’t even go to the post for my checkups, but thanks to the support of my family, my daughter Amparo was born healthy and without any problem. Recalling that mental health and child care is the responsibility, commented that this pandemic has humanized organizations because they have put their employees and their families at the Place of all their actions. decisions.

What Are The Tips For Exhausted Moms?

What Are The Tips For Exhausted Moms_

Eat breakfast:  It is the most important meal of the day. When you skip it, your blood sugar levels drop, which affects your energy and affects your mood and your ability to think clearly.

Turn down the coffee cups:  These are thought to keep us awake, but caffeine has a diuretic effect. The key is to take it in moderation and when you consume it, try to alternate it with a glass of water to stay hydrated. If you are also pregnant, check the risks of drinking coffee during pregnancy

Go to the doctor: It is important that you check your iron levels or if your menstrual periods have to do with your fatigue. To make up for the nutrient, eat red meat, beans, green leafy vegetables, and fortified cereals. Add tomatoes or citrus to these foods for extra absorption.

During insomnia: do not look at the clock. When you do, your mind registers that fact and begins to work when, in reality, it should be rested. If you need to get up to attend to your child, just don’t look at the time, just assist him and he goes back to bed.

Exercise: You may be wondering what time, but it is a great investment for your well-being. Do this in the evening, so your body temperature will rise during activity, then drop for the rest of the day, leaving you feeling drowsy and relaxed at bedtime. Start with a 10-minute walk and work your way up to 30 or an hour a day.

What Are The Suggestion For Mental health  For Exhausted Moms?

The mother cannot do everything from the Mental Health Executive Directorate of the Ministry of Health, said that many times mothers can seem like wonder women who want to do several things at the same time without asking for help and overloading themselves with responsibilities, which ends up affecting their physical and mental health. In this way, he stressed that the father’s participation in raising children and supporting the mother is crucial because it demonstrates good family dynamics, which will contribute to having children with better cognitive and academic development, better interpersonal relationships and, above all, will let you enjoy your parenthood.

The Challenge Of Taking Care Of Yourself To Take Good Care Of Yourself

During the webinar, it was shown that pregnant women and their partners face great emotional challenges in this pandemic context. Testimony of this is the influencer, a mother of two children, one of them born during social isolation, who commented that not being able to attend her check-ups, having to be at home all day and Caring much about the economy affected her a lot. her and her husband, so they decided to seek psychological therapy with the conviction that only by feeling well could they transmit peace of mind to their children.

The parents and caregivers must be aware of their strengths, but also of their limits to feel good and be able to better accompany the little ones. It is important to speak to children with great affection, respect and above all patience, caring for them with love, promoting play so that they can learn with pleasure and let them express themselves with their own words.


A situation that we have not chosen, but that we will have to learn to manage and together, family members, managers in companies and public bodies, find creative ways to cover the new needs, sometimes opposite or incompatible, aspiring for a greater balance that will keep us strong as a society in the face of the difficulty of the situation

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