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Jimin Pink Hair –  About, Iconic Hair Colors, Opt Style Of Hairs, And More

Jimin Pink Hair –  About, Iconic Hair Colors, Opt Style Of Hairs, And More


Jimin Pink Hair  – Jimin From BTS’ new pink hair in Nagoya has ARMY (and me) feeling overwhelmed. While there was general delight around all the hair color changes, no one’s hair was more talked about than Jimin’s. In fact, “pink Jimin” trended worldwide. If you’re a BTS fan, get prepared to freak out. The boys of the famous K-pop band have all changed their hair colors. However, Jimin, who is now sporting a pink ‘do, takes the cake for the most precise and dreamy change.

Iconic Hair Colors

Iconic Hair Colors

To say that I spend more time than I probably should obsessing over idols’ hair colors and skin care routines would be… accurate. Is anything more stimulating than having your preferred icons try a new shade on their hair? While some prefer to save it and go for just a few colors throughout their career, others go all out and feed the masses what they crave: the entire color wheel. Jimin from BTS would be a part of the latter. Since BTS’ debut in 2013, Jimin has tried so many different colors that we can’t even count them on two hands, and while we love them all, we went through the painstaking work of selecting just 10 of the most iconic ones. So here, for his viewing pleasure.

Silver Prince

Let’s talk about the princely aura that Jimin exudes when his hair turns silver. And I’m not talking about Prince Charming vibes, but I’m-the-Great-Prince-You’ve-Been-Waiting-for vibe. A look, we’re all secretly hoping to make a comeback.

Red Fire

This is one of the utmost iconic shades Jimin has always had. It’s one for the books and a timeless flashback to the “Dope” days. His powerful moves, smooth voice, and scarlet hair stole everyone’s attention when Jimin was on stage.

Intense Purple

Surprisingly, I tried this color for the first time a few months ago. It’s such a color, Jimin. But the important thing is that he did it, and we feel blessed to have witnessed it. Also, with the color purple being BTS, this shade is ideal for her skin tone and proof of her love for ARMY.

Dark Black

I’m not going to say that I’m one of those who always expect Jimin to go back to black, but that’s precisely what I’m saying. While he can pull off any shade on the color wheel, there’s something about Jimin’s incredibly cute yet powerful duality that seems to get better when his hair turns black. His light skin and expressive eyes grow even more intense every time his hair embraces his natural pigment, and we’re here for it.

Pink Gold

While this one didn’t last long, it’s absolutely one we can’t wait for Jimin to show off again. Another multifaceted shade with the ability to be many colors in one, this was a teaser for the

Opt Style Of Hairs  – Bts And Doja Cat Stylist Was Inspired By Jimin

Jimin conquered ARMY with his look in “Boy with Luv,” an iconic song by BTS and Halsey that has dominated the popularity charts since its release. Doja Cat’s stylist Jessica Jewel sent on TikTok her stimulus and creation process for the singer’s general pink hair in the “Get into it” MV. The video sent on the famous social network went viral by settling that the professional was founded on the appearance of Park Jimin from BTS in “Boy with Luv” for the look of the American rapper. ARMYs worldwide acquired Jessica Jewel’s TikTok comment unit and expressed their desire for future collaboration between BTS’s Jimin and Doja Cat.

Jimin in BTS’s “Boy with Luv”

The BTS member won the ARMY’s hearts with his participation in “Boy with Luv,” an association the South Korean boyband made with Halsey. In music upgrades, Park Jimin sported pink hair that wowed his fans in 2019.


An iconic one here too. Jimin’s pink hair is a favorite of many people, and we understand why. He has declared that pink is one of his favorites, too, so it would not be strange if we saw him use the color of bubble gum very soon—very modern, Eye-catching Ideal for all modern graphic and photographic designs. As a result, your wall/room receives exceptional lightness and beauty.

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