What Is Alopecia?

Struggling With Hair Loss – Hair loss, and more so when it occurs massively,  explains, is not always follow by replacement by a new one. This is what happens when the follicle, which is the set of cells responsible for manufacturing the protein filament of the hair, dies. Such death can be given by various causes:

  • Insufficient irrigation of the capillary surface and the follicles
  • Age -in the long run, we all lose strands-
  • Genetic conditions that alter hormonal regulation

This generalized fall is known as alopecia and affects mainly men, although it can occur in a much smaller minority in women. They can also suffer from temporary alopecia during menopause or pregnancy, but after the hormonal revolutions that these processes imply, the hair recovers.

What Are The Best Treatments To Fight Against Hair Loss?

What Are The Best Treatments To Fight Against Hair Loss_

Alopecia is a disease mainly affecting men, although it can also occur in women. While male alopecia is generally due to a hereditary factor. Female alopecia is usually causing  by various causes such as menstrual disorders, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems or stress. If you are anxious about hair loss. We propose five treatments that allow you to stop hair loss and increase its volume :

Multivitamin Capillary Injections

It is one of the most cast-off events to treat hair loss or promote its recovery and growth. It also receives capillary mesotherapy. And consists of the injection of proactive substances that contain hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory substances. Hyaluronic acid favors the effect of the injects substances to be more lasting.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) :

It is a treatment use to stop and reverse hair loss, as well as stimulate the restoration of the area after a hair transplant. PRP uses blood samples from the patient to obtain platelet-rich plasma. Which, combined with an activating compound, is painlessly injects into the least populate areas of the scalp. It is an ideal treatment for patients with little hair, patients with androgenetic alopecia and women with male pattern hair loss.

Hair Implant

It is a permanent solution for alopecia with very satisfactory results. It is a minor surgical procedure that consists of the transfer of the hair root. And also follicle from one part of the scalp to another that is depopulated. The hair follicles must first be obtain through the FUE Technique or the FUSS Technique. Once the follicles have been obtain, holes are made that allow the implantation of the hair. The implants hair begins to grow three months after the treatment, since the new roots must rest before making hair again.

What Are The  Tips To Fight Against Hair Loss?

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Hair loss can be due to many causes, but the phenomenon is explaining  in a simple way: the hair becomes more prone to fall out as a result of poorly “attached” hair fibers to the scalp. In other words, it is cause by a weak hair follicle in an unhealthy scalp environment. This means that when looking for products to combat hair loss, it is best to opt for those that target the problem at the root, strengthening the hair bulb and stimulating stronger growth in a healthy scalp.

Choose The Right Shampoo

In addition to a multi-target hair loss treatment, consider opting for a shampoo for hair loss-prone, ideally one that is sulfate-free to avoid damaging delicate roots. Finally, be especially careful when rinsing it: make sure that all the foam is gone to avoid leaving any leftover product on the scalp.

Treat Your Hair Well

If you find that you are losing more hair than usual, it pays to be very careful when styling it. Do not brush too hard and use a fortifying conditioner that will help you untangle your hair more easily, avoiding pulling. Try not to tie it in a ponytail for many hours. Lastly, avoid dyes because they often contain chemicals that can increase hair loss, and use the dryer and flat iron as little as possible.

Do A Massage

Using the tips of your fingers, massage the sides and crown of the head firmly in a circular motion to stimulate the hair roots. This will improve circulation to the scalp giving the hair follicles room to breathe and grow healthy.

Change Your Diet

It’s important to make sure you eat the right foods to help care for your hair from root to tip. Look for those that provide vitamins that help your hair to be healthier.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

During research on the formation of nerve tumours, called Neurofibromatosis, a team of scientists made an unexpected discovery that could lead to the creation of a treatment for baldness and the control of the appearance of grey hair. The study focus on a protein called “KROX20”, related to the process of nerve development. And obtain new data since this element is transformes into skin cells that lead to hair growth. The discovery could lead to the growth of a treatment that prevents hair loss and discolouration over the years, according to a study publishing  in the scientific journal ‘Genes and Development. Currently, many people have to deal with this hair problem. Many factors can trigger it.


Hair Consist of vitamins, amino acids and minerals directly in the follicle through a pneumatic system. This revitalizes the follicle and increases the thickness and volume of the hair. Single of its significant benefits is that it is a painless treatment that does not cause side effects. Sessions are held monthly or quarterly, depending on the case.

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